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2005 Bridge Exhibits

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A Documented Life: The Papers of Hawaii's Senator Spark M. Matsunaga

December 2005 - January 11, 2006

The Sen. Spark M. Matsunaga Papers form a cornerstone of the Hawaii Congressional Papers Collection at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library.

In 1997, Sen. Matsunaga's widow donated his papers to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. There were approximatedly 1,200 boxes of material including documents, photographs, videos and memorabilia from his 28 years in Congress. The largest parts of this material concern Congressional activity supporting his strong interest in peace, space exlporation, veterans, transportation, taxation, health, natural resources and civil rights, especially redress for Japanese Americans interned in WWII.

Also in the papers are professional and personal materials from his pre-Congressional life; especially noteworthy are documents, letters, photographs and memorabilia from his Army service in the 100th Infantry Batallion and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Photo of Spark Matsunaga campaign memorabilia
Sparky was an amateur boxer and used these gloves during his army service Sparky was an amateur boxer and used these gloves during his army service.

Rembrandt at Manoa: The Collection of Dr. Morton and Tobia Mower

October 23, 2005 - November 6, 2005

Hamilton Library's Bridge Gallery hosts a two-week display of 30 rare Rembrandt etchings from the private collection of Baltimore cardiologist Dr. Morton Mower and his wife, Tobia Mower. They were brought to Hawai`i by special arrangements through the office of Manoa Vice Chancellor for Research Gary K. Ostrander -- a personal friend of the Mowers.

"This is an exceptional opportunity for art students and faculty and for people in the community to enjoy an extraordinary collection of true masterworks," said UH Manoa Gallery Director Tom Klobe. "We are pleased to assist Hamilton staff in displaying the etchings."

The collection has previously been exhibited at Johns Hopkins University -- Dr. Mower's home institution -- where a reviewer noted that "the prints reveal the breadth of Rembrandt's subjects, from portraits and landscapes to historical and biblical narratives." Dr. Mower has noted, "Etching was the photography of Rembrandt's day, and he gives us a window into both the everyday life and cosmopolitan themes that captured his imagination."

Self Portrait in a Velvet Cap with Plume
Beggars Receiving Alms at the Door of a House "Beggars Receiving Alms at the Door of a House"

Library Treasures on the Bridge

September 2005 - October 2005

The Library Exhibits Committee would like to present the Library Treasures on the Bridge Exhibit at the Bridge Gallery from September 1 to October 21.

The Bridge Gallery will present more treasures from Hamilton and Sinclair Libraries before the opening of the UH Art Gallery (Sept. 18). Much appreciation goes to all the librarians who provided us this special moment so we can enjoy rare pieces in the Library. One vertical display case is devoted to the Government Documents Department, where items that survived the flash flood disaster will be presented.

Special thanks to the Preservation Department, which treated all the items for the exhibit. The staffs have been very busy restoring many other flood-damaged items while also preparing for the Art Gallery Exhibit.

Furthermore, please go on to the Science & Technology Department Display cases, where you will find more treasures. The Sci/Tech Exhibit was curated by Eileen Herring.

Treasures on the Bridge Exhibit Contributors:

Tokiko Bazzell, Laura Cappel, Kyungmi Chung, Eileen Herring, Joan Hori, Gregg Geary, Karen Peacock, Allen Riedy, Sara Rutter, Gwen Sinclair, K.T. Yao

Photo of: Wu lu Jin Cai
Photo of: Atlas ichtyologique des Indes orientales néêrlandaises

Wu lu Jin Cai (Money Flowing in from Five Directions / All Directions) Anonymous. ca. 1920s Asia Collection

The God of Wealth who has various magical powers which ensure profits from your business transactions. This is a popular image that is known to every Chinese household, which is often displayed on the walls or doorways of Chinese homes.

Atlas ichtyologique des Indes orientales néêrlandaises
Bleeker, Pieter. 1862-1878
Science & Technology
Closed Shelves Folio QL634.I65 B54 1862

The Atlas was published in 36 installments with approximately 1500 color illustrations of the fishes of the East Indies and remains an important source of information about the fauna of this area of the world. It has been estimated that one out of every six reef species known today was first described by Bleeker.

Vietnam Now: Windows into Life in Contemporary Society

July 2005 - August 2005

This exhibit presents a series of "windows" into life in contemporary Vietnam. Our goal is to go beyond the ideas and images that most Americans associate with Vietnam and to provide some insight into contemporary culture and society in Vietnam. Exhibit displays touch on the following themes: literature and the arts, culture and customs, ethnicity and identity, issues in development and commerce, and intellectual traditions.

Throughout the exhibit, we hope readers will get a sense of some of the changes in the country over the past thirty years and go beyond the common assumptions and images of Vietnam that most Americans have.

Thirty years have passed since the end of the war in 1975 and there have been many changes in Vietnam.

In today's Vietnam, international tourists are more common than ever; foreign direct investment has increased steadily, and since 1994 diplomatic and trade relations between Vietnam and the United States have increased. Educational and intellectual exchanges have increased as well, and an increasing number of Vietnamese students attend university in Western nations, such as the United States, Australia and Europe.

The exhibit also highlights the range of research materials available in the University of Hawai'i libraries and intends to stimulate ways of thinking about academic research.

The exhibit encompasses three areas in Hamilton library:

  1. Book displays by the main elevators on the first floor,
  2. Textiles and books on display in the Bridge Gallery on the first floor, and
  3. Book displays near the main elevators in the Asia Collection on the fourth floor.

The exhibit is curated by Margaret Barnhill Bodemer, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, and Rohayati Paseng Barnard, S.E. Asian Librarian, Hamilton Library.

Photograph of items on display as part of the 'Vietnam Now' exhibit
Photograph of Dao woman's tunic Items on display as part of the "Vietnam Now" exhibit Dao woman's tunic

Art Works of Dieter Runge

May 2005 - June 2005

In my current focus on painting I welcome the challenge of creating on a flat surface. By exploring the depth of painting I aim to move beyond surface into the spiritual realm, and transformational experience within me as well as the viewer. I experience the mixing of paint, the limitless possibilities of color and its range from the analytical to the mood creating; its application to the surface, and movement with brush, knife, scraper, or hand as a profoundly sensual process. Yet, at present, I have reigned in my natural inclinations toward the soul-searching approach of the German Expressionists, in order to deepen my skills as a painter, and to develop my conceptual abilities, with the help of purposely-simpler compositions.

All work in this show is from the summer and fall of 2004 and are vignettes of my love for my immediate natural surroundings, especially my observations of water and sky.

Painting entitled Haleconia
Painting of girl doing a handstand in the ocean entitled Seduced
Painting entitled Popoia

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